Authority: Real And Apparent

Learning is a vital part of human existence. Whether it is learning on a physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, or spiritual level, every single person has had to learn something from someone or somewhere. It is engrained into our psyche to learn from others who have more experience than ourselves. It is a natural instinct to watch and learn, or to inquire from others on how something is done. Children at a young age will ask a million ask questions - learning from others

Throughout the different stages of life we grow, and with that growth our inquiries also grow from simple questions to deeper ones. And most of the time there is always someone available to answer our questions. But sometimes we might learn the answers ourselves through our experiences, through our own self discovery.

But nonetheless learning from those more knowledgeable than us is always present.

We learn from our parents, from our friends, from our teachers, from our peers, from our co-workers, from our bosses, from our spouses, etc. The learning never stops and neither do the questions.

Who are we? What are we doing here? What’s the point of all this?

These might be the less asked questions but everyone has asked them at least once in their most private moments. And a lot of the time these are the types of questions that are harder to find the answers to. Who do you ask these types of things? Google can’t answer them. Maybe someone older and wiser than ourselves can.

We always need an authority to go to for the answers to our queries. If it’s a question about something to do with an automobile, we ask a mechanic. If it’s a question about relationships, we might ask our family or friends for advice. There is continually the need to find an authority from which we can inquire.

These days that authority is more and more becoming the mainstream media. People no longer watch the news or follow the goings on of the world with a grain of salt; they consume it whole-heartedly especially in the case of the younger generations.

If they see something being done by someone famous – then without a doubt it is something they must also do. Celebrities are the new authorities from which teenagers and young adults will form their opinions and learn about life.
Internet is full of information

And adults simply look to the media to keep up to date with the happenings in the world. But unfortunately the media today is becoming more and more controlled, more mindless and robotic. We blindly put our faith in the “professionals”, in the government, in the “authorities” of today’s world – but how authoritative and trustworthy are these people?

Politicians are dishonest except for one in a million, news corporations will cover what they are told to cover by the government and what will bring them higher ratings, the artists and celebrities are run by their labels and agencies – where is the truth in today’s world?

We have to be able to discern information and draw informed conclusions from it.

This comes from acknowledging the need for an authoritative figure to learn from. Since as long as humans have existed, they have always looked to mentors to teach them. In popular culture or myths there is always a mentor figure that teaches the protagonist what they need to learn. There is always the apprentice who learns from the master, the student who learns from the sensei or sifu, and the squire who learns from the knight. Luke Skywalker would not have been able to progress had he not learned from Obi-wan and Yoda.
News and media

We all need someone to learn from, and not just about the mundane things in life, but someone who can answer the deeper questions of the purpose of life and our existence. And this means recognizing that we do not know everything, and that we are not fully self sufficient. We need help. We cannot control the world around us. Really it is a type of surrender that we need to experience so that we are willing to hear from a higher authority.

But we have to know what a higher authority is, and how to discern a higher authority as being a legitimate authority on a subject.

If tomorrow, for example, someone famous like Justin Bieber were to tweet that cigarettes are good for you, there is a very good chance that a majority of his following would believe him. But is what he is saying correct?

So much false, misinformation is fed to us these days through the tangled web of the media, and no one knows how to dissect it for themselves anymore. We cannot just blindly accept people in positions of power as bona fide authorities or people that we can learn from. We have to know the criteria on what makes someone a legitimate authority or not.

And this is especially true in spiritual matters. There are so many pseudo-religious teachers these days, all touting their particular brand of wisdom, and yet so much of it is empty and nonsensical. And yet these people will have thousands or millions of followers who devoutly and attentively listen to what they have to say, and take it to heart.

But how can we know whether what someone is saying is the truth?

We are actually able to discern this in three ways:

  1. Is what they are saying in line with scripture?
  2. Is what they are saying in line with their own way of life?
  3. Is what they are saying in line with our inner conscience?

If what someone is teaching lines up with scripture, then that’s a good sign. They are not simply making it up. But since a lot of scriptures have been altered and some religions have indeed been made up, this is not quite enough. We have to make sure that that scripture has come from a bona fide source. Does this scripture date back to a genuine authority? Has it been altered through history?Vedic Sriptures

A good example of a traceable bona fide scripture is the Bhagavad Gita: As It Is, translated by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. In this edition of the Bhagavad Gita, he has laid out each step of the translation process so that you can see that nothing has been altered. First will be the Sanskrit writing, then the translation of the Sanskrit to English characters, then the translation of the English Sanskrit words to English words, and finally, the English translation of the text. After this he gives his purport, but there is no alteration to the original text.Scriptures

A bona fide scripture should be able to show that it has not been altered or misinterpreted in its being handed down through the generations.

research and thinking in information presented

Another way to determine whether or not someone speaks the truth is to evaluate how they live their own life. Are they simply doing lip-service and saying one thing, yet living a different way? Are they walking the walk or simply talking the talk?

And finally, we have to be able to hear the voice within our hearts, our internal conscience that can tell us whether something or not is right. Is what this person is saying ringing true in our hearts? Does it line up with the other two things – scripture & actions – or is something not right about it?

And if we are sincere in weighing these factors, then we will find our way to the truth. Because once you take a step in the right direction, it only becomes easier from there. Taking that first step is the hardest part. As Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

So next time there is some information presented to you as a fact, do a little research. Make sure that you can indeed trust the source of the information. Make sure the information is indeed authentic.

You’ll be surprised at what you learn.


we weave

Oh, The Tangled Web We Weave

“SEVEN seconds, my dear friends.  SEVEN seconds.  That’s how long it would take for Mr. Browser to click away from or go on clicking towards YOU—your company, your product,” said the Facial-Care-faced guy in an impeccably tailored pin-striped GQ-inspired suit, some hotshot guru for business and market development in Asia Pacific for a leading net-system software.

“Ergo, marketing strategies have to be calculated at lightning pace. Throw away all you learned at business school,” added this amiable vanguard of the WorldWide Mess—er, Mesh.  “Don’t you ever doubt it: businesses will inevitably have to formulate new models at breathtaking speed.  Oh yes.  It’s a whole new ballgame.  An exciting, challenging ride to a great new world of unimaginable opportunities. Grab every chance you get.  You snooze, you lose.”

It wouldn’t be wild to surmise that almost the entire audience of dry-cleaned, cellphone-infected, espressoed-out yup-yup-yuppies listening to him that day were as awestruck as I at the forecast on the imminent tidal web—er, wave of internetization coming to sweep us into a world of clicking relationships.

“Better get your boat ready lest that wave drowns you,” said the sleek alpha geek.

Aaack!  The tomorrow sci-fi warned us about is right at our doorstep, and I’m not yet dressed!  Thought I.

Drumrolls!  Enter the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) lady honcho from Singapore in flawless Armani business garb.  In calculated soft-spokenness—you understand, in business, clothes speak louder than words—she foretold the one-click shop no further than your fingertips that will program your vacation to “Zee-boo” (Cebu) with absolute glitchlessness.

Addressing the hundreds of zealous humans of all manner of entrepreneurial persuasions sitting at the edge of our cushiony seats, she said with an unsmiling smile in her unblemished English with only the faintest trace of Singaporean clip, “Say good-bye to the fifty-something people you normally call to help plan your business or holiday trip, to construct a perfect itinerary, book your tickets, your hotel, your car rentals and transfers, synch your schedules and route your tours.  Just a click, perhaps five max.  Yes, fellow business comrades, we are plunging head-on towards a stress-free society!  Go ahead, sip your Cappuccino, have a hot shower and a little gossip on the side because machines will be doing the stressing for you.

progress of the world

And, should typhoon Haian happen to drop by Cebu on a day too close to your flight date, no worries.  Just as you step out of that relaxing shower, the purring contraption on your desktop will ululate a message from your one-click shop saying that your itineraries, hotel, car rental, tours, etc., have been re-booked already to a typhoon-free, sunny-skied, worry-free time.  Relax, watch your movie, go to a spa, or have a little more gossip or Facial Care or do more crosswords.”

The Brave New World Business Conference—a name never more aptly chosen—lasted all of ninety minutes.  Ivy-league speakers of compelling charisma, mesmeric video presentations of academy award-winning proficiency, fascinating PowerPoints of riveting forecasts were brought together with such ingenious programming, listeners were motivated to heart-attacking inspiration.

In the stupefying—to put it mildly—aftermath, my mind swelled with prognostications of a world taken over by artificial intelligence.  Visions of mall-less streets—who needed stores when a mouse was all we needed to get our groceries, books, CD’s, furniture, houses, and cars, and whoa, even dates or spouses!  Ordering clothes through a cold monitor, easily clickable fashion statements delivered at your doorstep.  A thousand books in one device, movies in the palm of your hand, unending selections of music in a contraption the size of half your palm.

I imagined my sister’s travel agency with “Closed” signs boarded over it and in its stead a sign, “Exclusive Distributor Of Computer Vaccines,” posters shouting “BAN VIRUSES FOREVER!”

With not a small amount of glee, I envisioned traffic-less streets freeing up some clean air, possibly less garbage.  Cold cash would be a rarity with clicking and plastic going around for payment; pick-pocketers would be jobless!


I imagined lawyers overstressed at marriage annulment cases because the defense of defective computers or viruses for rocky alliances will be tough to overrule.  I envisaged net counseling for marriage, family, business, doctors.

That was twenty years ago.

Today, many of those visions have come to pass. New businesses have flourished: fake computer vaccines, computer hacking lessons, Radio Frequency Identification systems, cellphone bombs, drone assaults, Skype, Viber, ad infinitum.

Brain cancer and other cancer friends of microwaves and radiation have also reached record highs.  Still no vaccines for that though.  I wonder if by now the techies have combined forces with fashion czars to make radiation-proof designer clothes. I think they’ve already concocted pharmaceuticals for massive cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgical procedures to correct them and other such tech-related physical handicaps from the click-away life mode.  I know there are a number of tech-designed mice for the mouse-challenged.  Not to mention, epidemics of back problems, scurvy, muscular atrophies, obesity, strokes, ad nauseam, all directly traced to overly sedentary lifestyles, to lack of circulation and vitamin D……

While online shopping trends are expanding, malls are exponentially increasing faster than you can say “hey look,” teeming with oceans of ceaseless humanity.  Traffic has grown to epic heights never before imagined—life-threatening, hyperventilating, blood pressure-rising, crime-instigating. Sister’s travel agency is still alive and kicking—they figure marketing strategies daily to ride that tidal wave so it doesn’t drown them.

Looks like people just can’t stay away from people. When a machine, in its rambling, tortuous monologue leads us on from number to harrowing number—press 2 for this, press 3 for that… —don’t we all call out for, seek, demand, a human being to exchange words with?

I am startled by the earsplitting wails of a baby in a stroller nearby whose distress jars my musings.  Not too far away, her mama comes rushing to cuddle her little one close to her bosom, and baby suckles from her in satisfied, sloshing solace.

A calm, tender feeling washes over me: those thinking engines, however hi-tech, seamlessly designed, far out, mind-blowing, uber, “perrrr-fect,” still can’t give us food … still can’t give us the warmth we hunger for … still can’t love us back ….

We need the earth beneath our feet, we need the sun upon our skin, we need some dirt on our hands.  We need the hug that keeps us sane.  After all, we are people with a powerful life force running in our veins inseparable from the Supreme Cause of all causes.

We are not computer chips. People need people. People need God.  And that, my friend, makes ALL the difference.


Make Fitness Enjoyable

There are so many people these days who have a negative mindset towards health and fitness; this is so unfortunate because on the contrary, it is the exact opposite.  Yes, there are many fanatics out there who are putting out negative messages to people, giving extreme advice to do fad diets and exercise routines that are unreasonable but this is not what’s necessary to live a happy, healthy life. If you simply think of fitness as a lifestyle, you can reach your goals happily and without suffering.

fitness lifestyle

The first step to obtaining a balanced life is to start taking small steps towards your goals. For example, replace something that is not healthy in your meal with something green. Instead of zoning out on your phone for twenty minutes, go on a little walk in nature and do a little yoga to get your blood cells flowing. Just the other day I was reading an article from some fitness personality that was saying that you should go on the treadmill rather than walking or jogging outside because you’re less likely to burn the necessary calories. As this may work for some people who think with calculating methodical mindsets, those of us with a more whimsical approach to life just cannot process this positively. Instead of slurping down that soda that’s full of sugar keeping those pesky pounds hanging around, make yourself a refreshing water infusion with lemon and mint. Remember that being extreme is a double edged sword, therefore moderation is your friend in the beginning.

The next step in your process of obtaining a healthy lifestyle is to have a positive mindset. Don’t be so hard on yourself. What is life’s meaning if you’re not having fun and enjoying yourself? The moment you choose to take a negative thought and make it positive your whole life will be better instantly. Still, this does not have to be extreme, but it can be a simple thing like instead of saying “Oh I’m not good enough, I’m just a failure. Why have I not reached my goals yet?” You can say “I am so happy and proud of the small changes that I’m making to be a better person and to live a happy lifestyle.” Another step to positive thinking is Meditation and Yoga. These practices have been known to boost energy levels, reduce stress, and balance metabolism. Practice these things once a day, or even a few times a week and your day to day life and happiness will be improved immensely. See this insightful video where Gopala Dasi, a student of Jagad Guru describes that meditation blesses us with not only psycho-physiological benefits but many other benefits too. see this video below.

Remember that living a healthy and balanced lifestyle decreases risk of depression and fatal health problems and obesity. These are problems that over half the population suffer from regularly in the United States.

Another wonderful thing that we undermine in daily life, but which is so important, is our opportunity to get out in nature and breathe fresh air. We often take our beautiful Earth for granted. Going outside gives you physical and mental clarity. Plus, nature is inspiring. Just get off your phone and go outside – go for a hike, a swim, a run, a walk – anything is better than sitting on the couch. Our bodies are designed to move for a reason! I promise you won’t regret it… like now…Go outside.. You can finish reading this when you get back.. No regrets.. See how meditation is nice and easy, follow this video from the Science of Identity Foundation and you get a friendly tutorial to practice meditation. 🙂

Now that you’re back we’ll end on a simple note. How do you feel? Think of it this way, what have you lost by getting fresh air and a bit of exercise? What have you gained? Trust me when I tell you that you don’t have to run yourself down attempting to accomplish the mainstream fitness routines and regimens. Live happy and love life, there’s only growth that can be made with this process.

Choose happiness!



5 Reasons You Need Yoga In Your Life

We all need something. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a trip to the movies, or a sandwich, we all need something. Often times the things we actually need are elusive to us. Running through the hectic chaos that we call modern life, we often overlook the simple way of life. A quiet moment of peace, a walk in the park, or even your everyday sunset. We know we are missing something, but we’re either too busy to get it, or we are too focused on the hundreds of other distractions that arise daily. One thing we could all benefit from is a healthy dose of yoga now and again.

Here are 5 reasons you need yoga in your life right now

  1. Mental clarity – the power of being in the now
  2. Emotional peace and balance – whether in our personal or professional lives
  3. Physical Strength and Longevity – being in touch with your body leads to long term health
  4. Self-awareness – being in tune with how your environment is affecting you
  5. Self-discipline – being able to set goals and stick to them.
Mental Clarity

The practice of yoga postures and breathing in the form of hatha-yoga requires one to take their focus off of the external world around them, and to redirect inwards to their own body. This gradually helps a person achieve mental clarity and peace by teaching them to calm the mind and thoughts, and be able to focus on a single thing in tandem with one’s breath.



Breathing exercises have long been used for a wide variety of meditation techniques and stress relief methods. Controlling one’s own breath can bring better oxygenation to the cells and bloodstream, having an instant effect on one’s physical well-being and mental state. When one’s mental thoughts become clear from directing one’s attention to their inner workings and breath, introspection then has room to occur.

Introspection is an important part of all of our lives, where internal change can begin to take shape and manifest itself.

By practicing various yoga exercises, one develops concentration, the ability to internalize their thoughts and mind, and to focus on their internal state. This gives one control over the mind, so that they can go about their daily life in a more calm state, able to analyze and deal with situations in a pragmatic manner, rather than being in a constant state of mental agitation.

By constantly practicing detachment, we can overcome the undesirable influence of the mind. See the above video which is a wonderful exhibition of mindfulness meditation practice by Jagad Guru, the founder of Science of Identity Foundation. This mindfulness meditation practice helps to overcome of the disturbances fueled by the mind.

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Death by Overdose

I just read a figure that shocked me.  In the US over 40,000 people die from drug overdoses each year.  To be accurate, the last available statistic was 46,471 overdose deaths in 2013.  For comparison there were 35,369 car accident deaths.  In fact in many countries, including the UK, and Australia, over dose deaths overshadow road deaths.   This implies a huge number of people hooked on some type of mind altering substance, either illicit, or prescription.  In fact, prescription drug abuse is the larger part of the problem. The US Drug Enforcement Agency recently reported that prescription medication abuse is higher than use of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, MDMA and PCP combined, and kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined.  And then there is that elephant in the room; alcohol abuse.   Oh yes, we will admit there is a problem with alcoholism, but that is not us of course, not in our room.  The fact that 6 o’clock comes and I’m anxious if there is no sight of my favored tipple, is nothing to do with addiction!


Actually we all take shelter in something, even if it is as innocuous as chips and the watching of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” or whatever other mind filler the black screen can offer up, or reading the latest trivia on our favored internet channel. So we can’t consider ourselves “better” than a drug addict.  It’s just that our situation appears less immediately dangerous.  We don’t tend to die from TV overdose.

Yet is it really less dangerous?  In the big picture, in the picture painted by the amazing Yoga Texts, it is not less dangerous.  In some ways the drug addict, or the admitted alcoholic has an advantage, because when things get so dire, it is easier to realize, ‘I have a problem’.  Easier but not automatic: I had a friend, now deceased, who would slurringly deny she had a problem, even after I caught her lifting the lid on her stereo system (back in the day of record players, where the lid was approximately the same size as a toilet lid) and squatting over it, thinking she was somewhere else entirely.

Still, if your heroin addict friend has just been jailed for bank robbery, and you are being held by the police for questioning, and you are hanging out for a hit yourself… it makes you think.  This is the advantage of desperation.

In such a state of mind you can have a real revelation, “This is hell.  I want out.  I want to change.”  At last when you realize this, its the real beginning, and if you are serous, then please read the teachings of Jagad Guru , which contains a lot of practical wisdom and lessons. That desire to change is the first step that can lead to amazing things.   But if you are comfortably sitting in your rocker in front of the TV with a wine or a beer and a packet of chips, there may be a dull ache of boredom and loneliness, an unacknowledged question, “What’s it all for?” but there is less urgency to the situation.

The distance between the everyday life of your supposed everyday man, or woman, and the life of the down and out acknowledged addict is not so great.  The majority of people live a life in which spare time is dulled by some sort of mind altering substance, or some form of mind stimulating activity.  Neither of these things leave much space for revelation, or for thought about the deeper things in life.  And so day follows day until death comes, maybe not as dramatically as by a drug overdose, but still it comes.  And what has been achieved, living in that dulled down fashion?  Have I taken any steps towards an understanding of who I am, my eternal nature, my eternal function?  Or have I just marked time, and therefore will start off again in my next life no further forward despite 90 years spent on the treadmill?  Or worse yet, will I have actively dulled my consciousness or developing my consciousness and find myself in a lower state of life than before?  Dying under the influence of drugs is far sadder than we even realise, because how you die is how you begin your next life.  If you die with a clouded covered and dark consciousness, such as most drugs provide, your next state of being is also clouded, covered and dark.

This is the understanding of the yogis, that what you do in this life sets you up for the next stage of your journey, and that we should be actively seeking a growth of consciousness, painful though that may sometimes be, rather than trying to dull the pain by clouding the mind with drugs, or other activities designed to cover our anxiety and lack of deep purpose.

So for those caught up in some type of heavy addiction, if any of you are reading this, take hope, your downfall can be the cause of your future spiritual growth.  If you realize the hellishness of your current situation, and want to change, and are fortunate enough to hear some eternally scientific universal truths, you may live to be glad you went through that hell that is addiction.

And what are those universal truths?  This little piece is too short to give more than a snippet, not even a decent overview.  But suffice to say that the amazing timeless Science of Yoga , as well as all scriptures, (some more clearly than others) tell us that we are eternal, and therefore that our real happiness cannot be found in the temporary material things of this world.  The eternal self needs eternal relationship, and that relationship develops primarily with the Supreme Person, and secondarily, with all His parts and parcels.  And how does one get there from where-ever one is now?  How does one gain a deep understanding, and develop that relationship?  One must hear from a knowledgeable, bonafide source to gain knowledge and understanding.  That is common sense.

And the method for developing a closer relationship with the Supreme is given in the Yoga Texts, and scriptures such as the Bible and the Koran, which all speak about the importance of the transcendental sound vibrations. Different terms and words are used, but the essential point is that the names of the Supreme are imbued with the qualities of the Supreme and as such they purify us of our addictions to matter and gradually increase the spiritual fulfillment that is the desire of all souls.

Enlivening & Inspiring – Sing and Dance to these Music

Listen to this Vibrant, Uplifting & Energizing musical video. This contains the chanting of holy names which don’t belong to any sect, country, or it is owned by someone other than the Supreme Person. In fact is a matchless gift by Him to help us realize our true position and discover ourselves, so that we can be happy and satisfied. We are fortunate to receive this gift from bonafide spiritual personalities from time immemorial.

In scriptures, it is rightly mentioned, “…The Holy Name alone can render all benedictions to living beings…”, this sufficiently confirms the necessity of our embracing these matchless gift of Supreme Person i:e the Holy Names.

The video is a masterwork with the images of devotees of the Lord dancing to the names and becoming happy from the heart. Additionally, the beautiful flowery animations and the transcendental pictures of the Supreme Person is a feast for the eyes. The visuals of budding saplings substantially hint at the spreading of seeds of love in our hearts. This is the growing love for the Supreme Person, if we have the love of the Supreme Person, we can actually be happy and satisfied from within. This is sung by Jagad Guru Chris Butler and other people follow after him.


This is what everyone wants; please share this to help your friends and let them discover the true address of happiness.

I am sharing a true story related to this chanting of holy names- Our immediate neighbor had a hard time managing their kids, they were very naughty, disturbing and troublesome, that it was really hard to manage & discipline them. The kids used to fight and scream among themselves all the time. The parents really had a hard time to find some peaceful time.

Interestingly the neighbors were very fond of my kids, as the kids were very peaceful, well behaved, relaxed and sportive too. Out of curiosity, they asked me – “what kind of activities do you do with your kids?” They further described, “I am surprised how they are so calm and energetic too, but they are not disturbing & troubling all the time”. I said “We have regular rock-outs singing and dancing in the mornings and evenings with sacred mantras. We sing and dance and have a nice party with our kids and they love it. They love the music and dance to it and really feel enlivened and recharged.”

So I suggested – “Why don’t you spend time with your kids and try singing, dancing to these sacred mantras together?” Initially they were not so convinced to my idea, but they accepted the mantra CD.

I further told them that just get your kids together, sing, dance and the music will do the rest. With a couple of weeks have passed by, I will share the full story about what happened next. Till them stay tuned.

Thank You!

Cleansing the Heart by Singing the Holy Names

Listen to this wonderful devotional singing of Holy Names. These singing of Holy Names (or mantras) spread joy and happiness in the heart. This is not something falsely described to gain appreciation for the video. There is a deep reason behind this – these names possess the complete potential to purify from all kinds of uncertainty and anxiety. Because these names are not ordinary names and they do not belong to this material world.They descend from the eternal world through bonafide teachers.

These are transcendental, in other words these are spiritual sound vibrations. With gradual hearing to these names, you can taste the actual happiness. Such happiness far surpassed the short lived pleasures that are craved by most of the worldly people from material activities.

These holy names have originated from the Supreme Person (or God), who is omnipotent. He can descend in the form of His Names, it is so described in Holy Scriptures that the Names of God and God Himself are non-different.

These mellow singing of mantras are warming to the heart, the rainbow and the showering stars matches with the theme of the video that the listening of these holy names can make the mind and consciousness fresh as well as calm. The lovely shades of rainbow indicate the different realm of happiness that can be experienced by the heart or soul.

I am sharing a real life story about one of my friend, Bob who was benefitted from this transcendental sound. Just read the following story…

Bob used to be very frustrated, empty and always remained in a disturbed state of mind. Even he himself was aware that he has become more & more miserable. He was born in a rich family and was blessed with all material goodies he can desire for. But none of those was able to satisfy and give him solace.

I was really worried and looking forward to talk to him, fortunately I got a chance outside a shopping center and we both had a casual conversation. He described his inexplicable situation and I suggested him to listen to these bonafide sacred sounds and let’s see how it goes. Because I myself took help of these sounds, when I had a bad period in my life. At first he was a bit hesitant, but somehow he extended his hand and took the mantra CD to his home.

I just told him – “don’t think much and dive into these mantras with an open heart”. Few weeks later, I saw him in the same shopping center where I was buying vegetables.

I was happy to see him very relaxed & refreshed, I had never seen him like that before. Upon seeing me, he came running towards me, hugged me and said – “Thank you my friend for the wonderful gift, this has changed my life. I can now experience peace and purpose in my life. The more I hear, the more I am feeling deep, calm & satisfied in my life.”

He described a lot about the recent experience and happenings and we could not realize how time passed! I just told again to get in touch more often.

I will share the full story when he gets back to me.

Thank you!

Enjoy Transcendental Singing of Holy Sounds

Experience a new sunrise in your life. Never miss this invaluable opportunity to be a part of the group singing of holy names – chanting the name of the Supreme Being – ‘Nitai Gaur’.

This joyful singing of holy names in a group is conventionally named as Kirtan – where a person leads the chanting of holy names and others follow the same.


Not Nitai Gaur is the only holy names – there are millions of names of God that can be chanted. From ancient times, it has been described that singing and chanting of the holy names have a profound effect on the hearts and mind. It washes away our deeply seated worries. 🙂

Undoubtedly we are always more or less overwhelmed by worldly things. If someone takes this message of holy names with faith and sincerity into their heart, he will experience a real change.

Personally this has been a refreshing experience. My life has changed for the better and I don’t feel insecure, anxious and uncertain about my life. Any problems I ever have, I now know where to take shelter. So my sincere request to you is that to add these sacred sounds to your life and enjoy the benefits.

Even animals and other living entitles can experience valuable benefits by hearing these sacred sounds, so feel free to play these sounds with your pets around and also in the garden softly, it will benefit so many living entities. We are always in the search for some deep inner peace and satisfaction; these sacred sounds will fulfill this deep craving.

Please share your experience and the changes you notice after hearing these holy sounds.

Thank You!