Myths About Meditation

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There are times when our body is so overwhelmed with stress and the pains of living that all we need is the tranquility of silence. That’s where meditation comes in. We have to take moments to let our mind experience calmness. We’re often so busy we forget to pause and simply meditate. I’m talking about an exercise that is more beneficial to our existence as human beings.

If you’ve done meditation before or currently do, it’s not uncommon to hear some far-fetched stories about what it is. Or what it means or does to the mind and body. Misconceptions and myths are everywhere. Meditation is not left out.

As with everything else, people fear what they cannot grasp or understand. Rather than learn or ask, they spread myths around. This article is aimed at debunking the myths arising out of ignorance.

What you should know about meditation?

Perhaps the myths about meditation stem from the fact that there is no widely accepted definition. It shouldn’t deviate from the crux of the matter though, because meditation is something we can’t put in a box. Meditation is an art. It involves submitting yourself: body and mind to focus.

The word meditation comes from meditatum, a Latin term that means to ponder. It’s a way to maintain and improve awareness and attention in the ‘here and now’. It’s okay to think about the future, but we should embrace the present.

History of meditation

Meditation began a lot of years ago. It’s not a novel practice. Historians claim it has always been an important part of the earliest forms of the Vedic, or early Hindu, schools in ancient India.

It is also believed that as far back as the 6th to 4th centuries BCE, the Chinese Taoist and Indian Buddhist traditions began to create and define various meditation practices.

In the West, it is claimed that historical figures such as St. Augustine, Philo of Alexandria and the Desert Fathers of the Middle East, had a say in the origins of meditation.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation has several benefits, but here are some few important ones.

  • Meditation helps reduce stress

Sometimes we want to just look for a place to wind down. We think we need a drink or two, or a chat with friends. The truth is that we need time to take stock of the moment alone. We don’t have to panic about everything.

When you feel stressed out, all you have to do is meditate to relax the mind and body. When we are stressed, our body is automatically tensed up. This has a bad effect on our brain and thought process. It makes us anxious in the long-term. Meditation will ease things up.

  • Helps you focus

We all need focus. Everything we do demands some form of determination and perseverance. Meditation will improve your cognitive ability. There are different ways you can meditate to increase focus. The Sufi meditation, Hindu meditation, and Vipassana are just a few. You’ll achieve a lot by getting that mind to focus.

  • Meditation helps you deal with addiction

Addiction is never easy to get out of. It takes great willpower to overcome. With the power of meditation, the chains of addiction can be broken. Vipassana meditation is particularly useful to people with issues like alcoholism and drug addiction. A focused mind committed to getting rid of an addiction is the key.

  • Meditation increases creativity

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard about someone famous who just can’t do without meditation. That’s because it boosts creativity. It helps them stay focused and fixed on what they want to accomplish. Meditation helped them find creative ways to do amazing things.

5 common myths about meditation

  • Position

Since meditation transcends the physical, why should any position you adopt matter? It doesn’t matter whether you stand, sit, lay or crouch. The most important thing is to stay positive. Any other thing is secondary.

  • It’s a religious practice

This comes off as laughable really. No doubt, meditation is not a religion or a religious practice! Rather, it cuts across all kinds of religions. Whether you’re a Christian or Buddhist, you can meditate and experience its benefit.

  • Meditating for long hours to avail the benefits

If that’s the case, I reckon some people are in the grave still waiting. The fact is, you can’t put the time factor on meditation. It’s all about being effective and knowing what you want. You can spend 4 hours thinking you’re doing a good job. Another spends considerably lesser and achieves a lot.

  • It takes years to feel the benefits

No. It’s not instant, but years? Come on! Many people attest to seeing results within minutes. You can count on the effects to begin to show. You only have to be genuine about it.

  • The mind should be empty of thoughts

The only time the human mind stops thinking is when we’re dead. So why should meditation be any different? We have to be calm to channel such thoughts to better use. I dare say you can’t focus with an empty mind. It’s okay to have thoughts. Don’t just let them overwhelm the process.

If you’ve never considered meditation, it’s never too late. You don’t have to be a grandmaster to experience a plethora of benefits.

Stress Management with Proper Exercise and Diet

Stress is a normal aspect of our daily life and can be triggered by something as small as an increased workload or unpaid bills. Whichever the cause, however; mild cases of stress can turn life-threatening when left unaddressed.

As it appears, most stress-related conditions are often ignored and shrugged off as coincidences or even myths. Apparently, you may be sitting in a ticking time bomb. According to a recent WebMD publication, 75% to 90% of all visits to the doctor are as a result of stress-related issues. Continue reading “Stress Management with Proper Exercise and Diet”

Meditation Will Make You Successful

What could be more satisfying than achieving your goals and being successful in life? Meditation is one ancient practice that can bring about tremendous transformations. This practice has been shown to change people’s lives and could increase your chances of becoming successful or transforming your life completely.

Exercising helps your body to stay fit and healthy. On the other hand, meditation exercises your mind allowing you to become self-aware. Meditation practice means calming the mind to enable you to become immersed with your true sense. Practicing meditation will improve and keep your psychological well-being healthy. That is why you need to carve out time in your busy schedule and meditate because meditation will prepare you for success.  Continue reading “Meditation Will Make You Successful”

Green Tea – A Remedy For All Illness

Green tea seems to be replacing coffee as the go-to beverage across the world, especially among fitness freaks. And if you haven’t yet joined the green tea revolution, you may change your mind after you read this article. This article will give you an insight into the origin, nutritional composition and health benefits of green tea along with important factors to consider when you buy green tea.

Origin of Green Tea

Research states that green tea was first consumed in China, about 4,000 years ago. Now, this lesser known cousin of black tea is widely produced in many Asian countries. Most varieties of tea, including green tea, are derived from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. The distinguishing factor that sets each tea apart is how it is processed and the level of oxidation of the leaves. Green tea is considered the healthiest of all teas as it is made from unoxidized leaves with minimal processing. Thus, the final packed tea still retains most of the antioxidants and polyphenols as found in fresh leaves. Continue reading “Green Tea – A Remedy For All Illness”

Contributing Towards Eradicating Racism

Debate on whether racism has ended utterly refuses to die down. And, rightfully so, we cannot say for sure if racism is a thing of the past – even, in today’s world. Racism is described as ‘a doctrine of biological inferiority (And, no matter how much one denies that it is true that we all or at least an impressive majority believe in races). As a norm, we are conditioned to think that these races rank upon a scale while these rankings are intrinsic, or natural. It is an acquired way of thinking. So, by default, everyone at some level is a racist. The societal perspectives have drilled the concept into our thinking and approach.

In all honesty, attempts must be made to abandon the category of race. This whole concept of racial discrimination erupts from the idea of racialized groups.  As per a report on The Conversation, the type of the “racialized group” can be of great value speaking. It offers a way for the members of “inferior races” to assert and defend themselves collectively while distancing themselves from the negative and misleading associations of the term “race.” Continue reading “Contributing Towards Eradicating Racism”

A Short Bio on Mahatma Gandhi

The biography of Gandhi ji reflects the message of love, tolerance, equality, and selfless service.

In India, the title of “Father of the Nation” is given to Mahatma Gandhi. The wide-eyed boy from a downtrodden family grew leaps and bounds, only to etch a mark, which kick-started a new independent era for the world’s largest democracy.

At an early age, Gandhi made his way out against all the odds. A college dropout, Gandhi decided to take that leap of faith and pursue law studies, soon after the birth of his first child Harilal. At 22, Gandhi, who had settled comfortably in London, heard of his mother’s demise, which the family had kept from him. He returned to India, bidding farewell to his London dreams.

His Law firm set-up in Bombay failed miserably, owing to his lack of expertise, so he returned to Rajkot – somewhat dejected. He marked his career, by drafting petitions to litigants which helped him bring in funds.  But, things came to a halt even on that front, when Gandhi had to forcibly stop his operations owing to a conflict with a British officer. One thing led to the other, and the next thing was landing a job in the Colony of Natal, South Africa as a lawyer. Continue reading “A Short Bio on Mahatma Gandhi”

Child Mental Health Issues: Know the Causes & Tips to Overcome

Only a child sees things with perfect clarity because it hasn’t developed all those which prevents us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see “–Douglas Adams

Children are like molding clay. As they grow up, they need a foundation that has to be strong. From the second children are born into this world, they start developing a sense of self-composure for themselves. It then starts giving to the world out, i.e. it begins to bestow trust upon its parents, which forms a base for the whole future development. Thus, being a parent, it’s necessary to support a child for better social, emotional and behavioral health. Young children who start developing strong bonds at an early stage with their parents and family learn to co-operate, care, pay attention and get along with people in their surroundings.

Well, most mental health issues surface at an early age with identifiable threats. In newborns and toddlers, the initial years of their life have a high risk of attracting such severe state. Thus, kids and youngsters with mental health issues tend to have lower educational achievements. According to a British survey, it states that juveniles with mental health issues have more involvement in unjust criminal affairs. But sadly, most children with mental health issues (60-80%), don’t get the support they need and that is how it makes a difference. A significant aspect for aiding a child’s mental health is safeguarding culturally competent services that include in families. There isn’t any particular cause of any mental health issue that is applicable as the reason for any child’s psychological problems is not related to one source, rather too many since as we all know it is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Continue reading “Child Mental Health Issues: Know the Causes & Tips to Overcome”

I Can and I Will

We all know that Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb and the fact that he achieved success after trying it for a thousand times is also not hidden from the world. But do you know how many times people tried to discourage him from trying it the next time? A lot of them, his teachers also exclaimed that Edison is “too stupid to learn anything.” So what kept him going on and to be known in the entire world as “America’s Greatest Inventor”?

Willpower, strength, decision making, determination, dedication, hard work, skill learning- there are many similar words to describe Edison’s approach towards his life and what he does with it. But you cannot find a single word about people like Edison that depicts hesitation to follow their dreams.

Continue reading “I Can and I Will”

The Implications of Dust & Air Pollution on the Efficiency of Solar Energy

Solar power or photovoltaic power is a technology that has been harnessed over the years to solve energy problems. Here, a metal is hit by light which causes electrons to be either received or released depending on the metal. It is based on this that electrons move through a conductor where electricity is produced. Hence, for the purpose of generating electricity, solar panels are very effective. They last very long, reliable, and do not require the addition of any natural resources once they are constructed. The electricity generated through solar panels is at a fixed cost as long as it is in use. Depending on location, some solar panels are very great where they are, due to the amount of direct sunlight that it receives, making it necessary to install one for your use.

All over the country, many people and industries are embracing the use of solar panels and so has become one of the fastest growing energy sources globally. In the nearest future, whether it is a large utility-scale company or residential rooftop panels, the demand for solar panels will require more construction. However, despite numerous setbacks solar panels have encountered in the past like inefficient grid systems, inconsistency and shortfalls in various national policies on power, and the occasional eclipse, scientists have recently pointed out in a study of a new challenge that presently affects the efficiency of solar panels, and that is air pollution. Continue reading “The Implications of Dust & Air Pollution on the Efficiency of Solar Energy”

5 Tips To Avoid Flu in Winter

How to help prevent

Flu is a very contagious disease that’s often confused with cold. Well, while the causative agents for cold are in hundreds of different viruses, flu is caused only by influenza virus of types A, B and C. Now, these viruses cause the large seasonal breaks and is soon arriving. While flu may be one of the most common diseases that is majorly seasonal, its effects are never so easy to bear. The feeling is just ‘bad’.

Surprisingly, many people take flu for granted and may not go to the hospitals. According to CDC research, it has been established that winter flu epidemic affects 3, 00,000 to 6, 00,000 people each year. It is further observed that of the number – 2, 00,000 people wind up in hospital and between 3,000 and 49,000 don’t survive.

With the above statistics, it is therefore important to take necessary preventive measures ahead of the impending break-out. Flu is the type of disease where prevention would be much better than just cure. Here is how to keep yourself and your family safe from flu during this season. Continue reading “5 Tips To Avoid Flu in Winter”