Make Fitness Enjoyable

There are so many people these days who have a negative mindset towards health and fitness; this is so unfortunate because on the contrary, it is the exact opposite.  Yes, there are many fanatics out there who are putting out negative messages to people, giving extreme advice to do fad diets and exercise routines that are unreasonable but this is not what’s necessary to live a happy, healthy life. If you simply think of fitness as a lifestyle, you can reach your goals happily and without suffering.

fitness lifestyle

The first step to obtaining a balanced life is to start taking small steps towards your goals. For example, replace something that is not healthy in your meal with something green. Instead of zoning out on your phone for twenty minutes, go on a little walk in nature and do a little yoga to get your blood cells flowing. Just the other day I was reading an article from some fitness personality that was saying that you should go on the treadmill rather than walking or jogging outside because you’re less likely to burn the necessary calories. As this may work for some people who think with calculating methodical mindsets, those of us with a more whimsical approach to life just cannot process this positively. Instead of slurping down that soda that’s full of sugar keeping those pesky pounds hanging around, make yourself a refreshing water infusion with lemon and mint. Remember that being extreme is a double edged sword, therefore moderation is your friend in the beginning.

The next step in your process of obtaining a healthy lifestyle is to have a positive mindset. Don’t be so hard on yourself. What is life’s meaning if you’re not having fun and enjoying yourself? The moment you choose to take a negative thought and make it positive your whole life will be better instantly. Still, this does not have to be extreme, but it can be a simple thing like instead of saying “Oh I’m not good enough, I’m just a failure. Why have I not reached my goals yet?” You can say “I am so happy and proud of the small changes that I’m making to be a better person and to live a happy lifestyle.” Another step to positive thinking is Meditation and Yoga. These practices have been known to boost energy levels, reduce stress, and balance metabolism. Practice these things once a day, or even a few times a week and your day to day life and happiness will be improved immensely. See this insightful video where Gopala Dasi, a student of Jagad Guru describes that meditation blesses us with not only psycho-physiological benefits but many other benefits too. see this video below.

Remember that living a healthy and balanced lifestyle decreases risk of depression and fatal health problems and obesity. These are problems that over half the population suffer from regularly in the United States.

Another wonderful thing that we undermine in daily life, but which is so important, is our opportunity to get out in nature and breathe fresh air. We often take our beautiful Earth for granted. Going outside gives you physical and mental clarity. Plus, nature is inspiring. Just get off your phone and go outside – go for a hike, a swim, a run, a walk – anything is better than sitting on the couch. Our bodies are designed to move for a reason! I promise you won’t regret it… like now…Go outside.. You can finish reading this when you get back.. No regrets.. See how meditation is nice and easy, follow this video from the Science of Identity Foundation and you get a friendly tutorial to practice meditation. 🙂

Now that you’re back we’ll end on a simple note. How do you feel? Think of it this way, what have you lost by getting fresh air and a bit of exercise? What have you gained? Trust me when I tell you that you don’t have to run yourself down attempting to accomplish the mainstream fitness routines and regimens. Live happy and love life, there’s only growth that can be made with this process.

Choose happiness!