Enlivening & Inspiring – Sing and Dance to these Music

Listen to this Vibrant, Uplifting & Energizing musical video. This contains the chanting of holy names which don’t belong to any sect, country, or it is owned by someone other than the Supreme Person. In fact is a matchless gift by Him to help us realize our true position and discover ourselves, so that we can be happy and satisfied. We are fortunate to receive this gift from bonafide spiritual personalities from time immemorial.

In scriptures, it is rightly mentioned, “…The Holy Name alone can render all benedictions to living beings…”, this sufficiently confirms the necessity of our embracing these matchless gift of Supreme Person i:e the Holy Names.

The video is a masterwork with the images of devotees of the Lord dancing to the names and becoming happy from the heart. Additionally, the beautiful flowery animations and the transcendental pictures of the Supreme Person is a feast for the eyes. The visuals of budding saplings substantially hint at the spreading of seeds of love in our hearts. This is the growing love for the Supreme Person, if we have the love of the Supreme Person, we can actually be happy and satisfied from within. This is sung by Jagad Guru Chris Butler and other people follow after him.

This is what everyone wants; please share this to help your friends and let them discover the true address of happiness.

I am sharing a true story related to this chanting of holy names- Our immediate neighbor had a hard time managing their kids, they were very naughty, disturbing and troublesome, that it was really hard to manage & discipline them. The kids used to fight and scream among themselves all the time. The parents really had a hard time to find some peaceful time.

Interestingly the neighbors were very fond of my kids, as the kids were very peaceful, well behaved, relaxed and sportive too. Out of curiosity, they asked me – “what kind of activities do you do with your kids?” They further described, “I am surprised how they are so calm and energetic too, but they are not disturbing & troubling all the time”. I said “We have regular rock-outs singing and dancing in the mornings and evenings with sacred mantras. We sing and dance and have a nice party with our kids and they love it. They love the music and dance to it and really feel enlivened and recharged.”

So I suggested – “Why don’t you spend time with your kids and try singing, dancing to these sacred mantras together?” Initially they were not so convinced to my idea, but they accepted the mantra CD.

I further told them that just get your kids together, sing, dance and the music will do the rest. With a couple of weeks have passed by, I will share the full story about what happened next. Till them stay tuned.

Thank You!