Enjoy Transcendental Singing of Holy Sounds

Experience a new sunrise in your life. Never miss this invaluable opportunity to be a part of the group singing of holy names – chanting the name of the Supreme Being – ‘Nitai Gaur’.

This joyful singing of holy names in a group is conventionally named as Kirtan – where a person leads the chanting of holy names and others follow the same.


Not Nitai Gaur is the only holy names – there are millions of names of God that can be chanted. From ancient times, it has been described that singing and chanting of the holy names have a profound effect on the hearts and mind. It washes away our deeply seated worries. 🙂

Undoubtedly we are always more or less overwhelmed by worldly things. If someone takes this message of holy names with faith and sincerity into their heart, he will experience a real change.

Personally this has been a refreshing experience. My life has changed for the better and I don’t feel insecure, anxious and uncertain about my life. Any problems I ever have, I now know where to take shelter. So my sincere request to you is that to add these sacred sounds to your life and enjoy the benefits.

Even animals and other living entitles can experience valuable benefits by hearing these sacred sounds, so feel free to play these sounds with your pets around and also in the garden softly, it will benefit so many living entities. We are always in the search for some deep inner peace and satisfaction; these sacred sounds will fulfill this deep craving.

Please share your experience and the changes you notice after hearing these holy sounds.

Thank You!