Cleansing the Heart by Singing the Holy Names

Listen to this wonderful devotional singing of Holy Names. These singing of Holy Names (or mantras) spread joy and happiness in the heart. This is not something falsely described to gain appreciation for the video. There is a deep reason behind this – these names possess the complete potential to purify from all kinds of uncertainty and anxiety. Because these names are not ordinary names and they do not belong to this material world.They descend from the eternal world through bonafide teachers.

These are transcendental, in other words these are spiritual sound vibrations. With gradual hearing to these names, you can taste the actual happiness. Such happiness far surpassed the short lived pleasures that are craved by most of the worldly people from material activities.

These holy names have originated from the Supreme Person (or God), who is omnipotent. He can descend in the form of His Names, it is so described in Holy Scriptures that the Names of God and God Himself are non-different.

These mellow singing of mantras are warming to the heart, the rainbow and the showering stars matches with the theme of the video that the listening of these holy names can make the mind and consciousness fresh as well as calm. The lovely shades of rainbow indicate the different realm of happiness that can be experienced by the heart or soul.

I am sharing a real life story about one of my friend, Bob who was benefited from this transcendental sound. Just read the following story…

Bob used to be very frustrated, empty and always remained in a disturbed state of mind. Even he himself was aware that he has become more & more miserable. He was born in a rich family and was blessed with all material goodies he can desire for. But none of those was able to satisfy and give him solace.

I was really worried and looking forward to talk to him, fortunately I got a chance outside a shopping center and we both had a casual conversation. He described his inexplicable situation and I suggested him to listen to these bonafide sacred sounds and let’s see how it goes. Because I myself took help of these sounds, when I had a bad period in my life. At first he was a bit hesitant, but somehow he extended his hand and took the mantra CD to his home.

I just told him – “don’t think much and dive into these mantras with an open heart”. Few weeks later, I saw him in the same shopping center where I was buying vegetables.

I was happy to see him very relaxed & refreshed, I had never seen him like that before. Upon seeing me, he came running towards me, hugged me and said – “Thank you my friend for the wonderful gift, this has changed my life. I can now experience peace and purpose in my life. The more I hear, the more I am feeling deep, calm & satisfied in my life.”

He described a lot about the recent experience and happenings and we could not realize how time passed! I just told again to get in touch more often.

I will share the full story when he gets back to me.

Thank you!