Why NetSkafe?

No! Don’t exit this page! You don’t know it yet, but this blog is actually the very thing you have been looking for. No more rummaging through Pinterest or tumblr or any other blog or website for the information you need. We have all the practical wisdom and DIY fixes for life and home and health and (pretty much everything in between) that you need.


So before you go – please get that cursor away from the X button, thank you – before you go be sure to at least give this site a browse and see if any of our information can help you in your life in the aspects of health, home & happiness.

We strive to collect and present meaningful knowledge and tidbits of wisdom that can actually help people. Sure we have all the practical stuff like DIY home fixes or life hacks, but we also have some pearls of wisdom scattered throughout these materials as well as on their own. And this isn’t stuff that we’ve just gathered off the world-wide Internets. We’ve done the research to bring you the highest quality information possible, sourced from a variety of religious and philosophical authorities. So this isn’t your average new-age wisdom mumbo-jumbo. This is the real deal and you can read it and see for yourself.

netskafeWe believe that one’s happiness in life is directly linked to their health, which is in turn linked to their home, which is affected by their life. So it’s all a cycle and we mean to help you get on a good cycle that generates positive change and empowering & noticeable progress which will then lead to improvements in your quality of life. This, then, leads to more happiness. And I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be happy?

So come on in, the water’s fine. 🙂